Weather Powered City

Split is a climate-powered city. Same is with its citizens. It's enough that clouds and rain cover city's sky, and the very third day a flow of people fills every available open space, with the single conversation topic: "Finally, we barely survived". If, by any chance, sun disappeared for some longer period of time, outcome on Split streets is hard to predict. No long enjoying over coffee at Riva, no picigin at Bačvice beach, and no sunglasses covering faces. The only comfort would be - weather conversation. Nothing can stop that. Take, for example, those days between Christmas and New Year. Temperatures lower than ever, freezing and unstoppable northeast wind, and every second of sunshine used for energy collecting. I'm telling you, sun-powered city.
And yes, people in Split just love to talk about weather. An English friend told me recently he never heard so many weather talks then in Split. When Englishman tells you that...
I guess the only difference between them and us is that English converse about weather because the one they have is horrible, and we in Split strongly believe there is no climate anywhere on Earth so close to perfection. You don't believe it's true? Who cares, there is no way you will make anyone in Split believe in opposite.
And yes, Split climate is truly God-given, with monthly average temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius even in the mid-winter, and we have sun more than ordinary people - meaning not those from Split - can bear. Even if you have such a bad luck to come to Split in those days when rain washes streets, or blood-chilling bura (northeast wind, pron. boorah) blows, don't worry, you will always find someone to talk about it, or you can go for a photo safari. Even those days Split is beautiful and photogenic.
Actually, when thinking better, weather-dependence, no matter if it's nice or lousy, is probably the best way to look like a native, and not tourist in Split. Put your sunglasses on (even if it's cloudy), grab a cup of coffee, sit at Riva, and nothing can stop you to feel like you were born right there, where sun and blue sky are way of life, and not meteorology.
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