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My name is Ivica Profaca, owner of Cardo Tours,  guide for Split-Dalmatian and Šibenik-Knin Counties in Croatia, and member of the Association of Tourist Guides Split.

Besides guiding, I have decades of experience in journalism, both for Croatian and foreign media and as a blogger with the Tourist Board of Split.

We at Cardo Tours are passionately interested in the history, heritage and social life of Split and the surrounding area. I never stop exploring squares, street corners, people, events, stories, secrets, or biking and hiking paths.

Also, we can take you to any part of Central Dalmatia, from UNESCO World Heritage sites to hidden gems of the Dalmatian hinterland, its natural and historical jewels. We will introduce you to hidden spots, away from beaten paths.

We also offer tours for families with children and theme tours, for example about Jewish heritage, as well as some easier hiking tours.

But above all, we aim to fulfil all your wishes, interests and goals you might have on your vacation.

That's why we called our agency Cardo Tours; just like Romans called their main city routes Cardo, we will take you to our route to Dalmatian history and heritage!

Welcome to Split, Dalmatia and Croatia!


This was an excellent tour. We walked around the part of the city not typically explored by tourists. This was an opportunity to take really beautiful panoramic photographs and get a full view of Split. I was also happy to discover several nice swimming spots.

Ashley, USA

Another OMG day. I had a tour/discussion about the history of Split this afternoon. Except I was the only one in my group. Therefore an incredible 1:1 transference of information. Ivica was my guide (...) the amount of knowledge about the little niches and little known facts is amazing. 5 stars across the board!

Pamela, USA

I think tourists know when they have a guide who as just memorized some historical facts and delivers the tour with little gusto. This is not true of Ivica. His passion for history is immediately visible and we felt like a little family group traveling through history with Ivica

Robert, USA       

Ivica went out of his way to keep the tour informative but still have the right blend between history learnings and relevance to the group

Kurt, Dubai, UAE

He knows the biggest and smallest secrets of Split and is happy to tell all. This is someone with a great love for their home and he shows it with all the stories he tells, the freshness of a tour which he must have given many times, and all the little things he points out that a tourist might not notice or find in a travel book

Julia, United Kingdom

An insightful and engaging look at a dozen churches of significant historical importance around Marjan. It may not seem as flashy or dramatic as Diocletian's Palace, but I assure you, this is a must do if you love the fine subtleties of history. Ivica is a wonderful narrator that provides a great deal of context, which really breathes life into these old churches
Corey, USA

Ivica was a wonderful guide to take my 10yo daughter and I around the palace. He is very knowledgeable and explained everything in a way that it made sense to her and to myself. He had her follow along on the map to keep engaged and had lots of fun things to tell her that grasped her attention. He had an answer for every question and was generally a really sweet and kind person, very engaging with both of us. This is THE walking tour you must do with your children. Thanks Ivica!
Anya, France

Ivica did a great job tailoring the tour to our interests, taking the time to answer our questions and to give us extra information that we appreciated. He was very knowledgeable about history, and we got an excellent tour of Diocletian's palace as well as the history of Jews in Split
Melissa, USA

Our guide was amazing, very friendly and welcoming. He managed our 4 and 6 year old girls with a smile and occasional jokes. Our older daughter learnt a few things about Roman Empire and it was very informative for us too. Thank you!
Oykun, United Kingdom

I really wanted to find a tour of Split that my almost 8 year old daughter would enjoy too, and this was just perfect. Ivica engaged with her right from the start giving her a map to fill in as we went and she was interested in hearing what he had to say the whole time. She really hates walking for a long time, especially in heat, and this tour lasted about 1.5hrs, going all around the palace, and she didn’t complain once about walking or heat because there was always something interesting to look at, look for, or think about
Sandra, Australia

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